Craft Cares IPA 2016 redemption locations

Starting May 13, 2016, here are the locations where you can trade two cans of food for one can of Craft Cares IPA (one can per person, please—supplies are very limited!):

Long Island Brewers Meet at Blue Point Brewing to Start a Fresh Batch of Craft Cares

LICBW16 Craft Cares Brewers in Blue Point Brewing Tap Room

Brewers from across Long Island raise a toast to the start of the Craft Cares brewing process.

Before Long Island bars, distributors, and brewers come together for the festivities during 2016 Long Island Craft Beer Week, May 13 – May 22, a group of brewers joined together to collaborate on the second beer in the Craft Cares series. The beers brewed for Craft Cares are not for sale, but are traded for by giving two canned goods to participating locations. The canned goods are donated to Long Island Cares, for the benefit of the hungry on Long Island.

2016 Craft Cares collaboration brew hops list

Look at this hops list!

This year, the collaborators met up on an early grey Thursday morning at Blue Point Brewing, in Patchogue. While the small talk revolved around the the lighter side of beer brewing, the serious brewing got underway. Using Niagara malt, the brewing facility filled with that unmistakable scent of malted barley. Throughout the day, hops were added a specific intervals. With the list of hops these brewers used, it’s fairly obvious that the 2016 Craft Cares brew will be an IPA. As for the name of this year’s version, we don’t know yet. We can’t expect brewers from 11 different breweries to agree on everything that quickly, can we?

The 2016 Craft Cares collaborators are Charles Becker from 1940’s Brewing, Steve Pominski from Barrage Brewing, Jim Richards from Blue Point, Paul Komsic from BrickHouse Brewery, Chris Candiano from Destination Unknown Beer, Marc Jackson from Lithology Brewing, Lauri and Matt Spitz from Moustache Brewing, Mike Philbrick from Port Jefferson Brewing, Larry Goldstein from Spider Bite Brewing, and Peter Chekijian from Twin Fork Beer, along with Kevin Sihler from Sand City Brewing. Look forward to an official release date for the 2016 Craft Cares cans and for more information on the 2016 Long Island Craft Beer Week on this website and on our Facebook page!