Brewery VR Throwdown

Now this is a cool event during Long Island Craft Beer Week. On Thursday, May 16, Long Island Beer Bus is picking up people from Port Jeff Brewing, Spider Bite Beer, or Barrage Brewing, all going to Simplay where you can compete in sport simulators, like the home run derby or the longest golf drive.

Brewery VR Throwdown with Spider Bite Beer, Port Jeff Brewing, and Barrage Brewing. Tickets $65.

For tickets, visit

The $65 ticket included 4 drinks from the breweries, roundtrip bus ride, and 2 hours admission to Simplay. For tickets, head over to LIBeerBus.

Long Island Craft Beer Week

Long Island Craft Beer Week (LICBW) celebrates the local breweries from Nassau and Suffolk, building both brand awareness and strengthening the awareness of both beer enthusiasts and novices to the diversity of local brewers and the establishments that sell Long Island craft beer.

In the run-up to Craft Beer Week, LICBW partners with local brewers to produce Craft Cares, a collaborative beer brewed especially for our “Can for a Can” food drive with proceeds going to Long Island Cares (LIC), which benefits the hungry and food insecure on Long Island. In 2016, LICBW raised over 2,300 pounds of food and over $2000 for LIC.

Through this and other events, including our free Pint Glass Pickup, starting May 12 and running to May 21, 2017, LICBW promotes the thriving culture of craft beer across Long Island.

We are very excited to get the festivities for Long Island Craft Beer Week 2017 underway!

Brewing Craft Cares 2017 Red Ale

I don’t know if I have authorization to tell everyone this year’s Craft Cares beer style. So let them fire me, because the people have a right to know! It’s going to be a malty, sweet red ale. Are red ales one of my favorite styles? Yes! But I had nothing to do with the choice, which was made by people much higher up the beer chain—the collaborating brewers themselves.

We took some behind-the-scenes pictures. Take a look and get yourself ready for this year’s brew!