Nassau Weekend

“Too far” is not an excuse now!

We know you have been dying to try many of Long Island’s breweries, but just can’t seem to find the time to get there. Concentrating the brewers presence in an area gives us the accessibility of those “city beer weeks” without losing what makes our Long Island so unique.

We put it to a vote, and the people hath spoken.

We asked you all to cast a vote for the towns you most wanted to see highlighted, and the results were unquestionable. It had to be Farmingdale for Nassau County, and to break the Suffolk County tie, we split the events between Port Jefferson and Patchogue (which btw, wasn’t even a choice listed, but a write in!)

Safety is fun!

Maybe not always, but it’s true in this case. Ride sharing, carpools, have mom drop you off, whatever it takes to help enjoying the day not turn into a bad night. Plus we have a great partnership with Lyft this year! No excuses people!

Nassau County Events

no event

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