Pint Glass Pickup 2018

No need to try to hide these glasses in your bag…

We want you to take them home!

8 Great Pickup Locations

Sign up is closed! Glass pickup starts at 5pm on Monday, May 14. Check individual locations for special promotions.

*The Mill Roadhouse is closed on Mondays. Pickup for this location only will be Tuesday, May 15.

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  1. How to we sign up for the Pint Glass Pickup?

  2. Am I only able to pick up my glass on Monday the 14th at the Tap Room, or any time after that?

    • Typically, the glasses will still be there for you the next day, but we recommend contacting the venue directly, especially if it will be later than that.

  3. Manny Salguedo

    If can’t make it to picking up my glass because I might be working at that time, a friend could be able to pickup for me? Please help

    • Of course we hope to see you there, but yes, a friend can pickup for you giving your full name and email address for confirmation.

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  5. It says glass pickup starts Monday the 14th, but today is 12th and all but three places out of glasses? Does that just mean they aren’t taking new requests at places that say they are out?

    • There is a limited # of registrations per location. The ones marked “Out of Glasses” have filled their available spots on the list. The actual pickup event is Monday May 14th (except The Mill Roadhouse is the 15th)

  6. Bill Kuzmack and Kathleen Kuzmack

    My wife signed herself and I to pick up our glasses at Rudi’s in Patchogue and we did not show up on the list. She signed up the same time three other friends did and they are on the list.

  7. Brian J McEvoy

    Is there anyway to still sign up?
    I did not realize there was a registration



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