Pint Glass Pickup

Pint Glass Pickup sign up is closed! We’ve gone through our inventory of pint glasses and have to close the sign up earlier than expected. We want to thank you for your enthusiasm! For those who got to sign up, pick up your pint glasses May 15 after 5pm from your sign up locations: Bobbique, 70 W Main St in Patchogue; The Tap Room, 114 W Main St in Patchogue; Rudi’s, 554 New York Route 112, Patchogue; Parlay Gastropub, 210 Merrick Rd in Rockville Centre; EGP Oceanside, 2823 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside; or, Tap + Barrel, 558 Smithtown Bypass, Smithtown.

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  2. Why so few pick up locations? Nothing on the North Shore east of Commack? Last year Port Jeff brewery. 2 in Patchogue not very convenient I love LI Craft beer week I wish you made more pickups.

    • The Breweries involved have glasses. The Pint pick up event is specifically for our Bar/Restaurant partners. Go see Mike at Port Jeff, he should still have some.

  3. Jackie Albertson

    I’ll be out of town next week, an I able to reserve them and pick them up the following week?

    • After Monday, the bars and restaurants are free to give out any remaining glasses as they see fit. However, in the past, they usually hold on to a few for the people who may not have made it. If you sign up and don’t get a glass, let us know here or on our Facebook page, and we’ll see what we can do. Cheers!

  4. I will be away next week can I have someone else pick mine up for me that will be there

    • We do like for the folks who ordered a glass come down to our amazing partners and have a beer or a delicious dinner, but, having said that, if you put your name in and someone picks it up for you, you’ll have your glass!

  5. If this for your bat/ restaurant partners then why aren’t more bar/restaurants listed. I don’tthink the ones listed are the only partners.
    Duffy’s Ale House in Lindenhurst carries and sells a lot of Blue Point toasted as well as Blueberry and also carries Port Jeff along with other Long Island Brews
    It’s either Patchogue or Rvc/Long Beach area and one in Smithtown
    Just doesn’t seem fair that a major chunk of the Island is forgotten about!

    • Hi Gene. We would *love* to send glasses to Duffy’s, but they haven’t signed up to be a partner for Long Island Craft Beer Week. We’ll reach out to them, but you can let them know you’d like them to be a part of craft beer week!

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  7. Is monday the only day these can be picked up or can it be any time during the week?

  8. I reserved a glass, I thought but never received an email.

    • Hi Lisa. We take email addresses for verification purposes, but we don’t send out emails to confirm. It looks like your glass will be at Bobbique on Monday, after 5pm.

  9. Signed up for Parlay… they didn’t have me on the list :(. Of course I was the one that told all of my friends after I signed up. Still supporting all of my LI craft beers! Love them all!

  10. Could not make it on Monday because I was out of the country. Tap Room said they didn’t me on list when I stopped in. =(

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